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Early detection of skin cancer

Videodermatoscopy is the most modern technology that allows recognition of neoplastic changes on the skin. It is a completely painless computer diagnostics of pigmented skin changes with the use of a medical camera in combination with a digital dermoscope. The study makes it possible to show even the smallest differences in the evaluated changes over time, which is the basis for the early detection of skin cancers.

Indications for videodermatoscopic examination:

  • higher number of birthmarks
  • changes observed in their appearance
  • age over 40 years and the appearance of new pigmented birthmarks
  • large birthmarks from birth
  • diagnosed skin cancer in you or your family
  • use of a solarium or periodic stay in areas with high sunshine
  • sunburn in childhood
  • light skin, sensitive to the sun
Etapy wideodermatoskopii

melanocytic nevi

If any of the signs is characterized by even one of the listed features, please inform us:

A Asymmetry, irregular shape

B Borders, the edges are blurred, ragged

C Color - irregular color within one shift, e.g. dark brown, black - brown, reddish; gray - white changes

D Diameter greater than 5 mm

E Elevation - bulging, magnifying or changing mark

The Center of Modern Therapies "Dobry Lekarz" has the most modern video camera of the FotoFinder Vexia company, equipped with a Medicam 1000 camera, enabling up to a 140-fold magnification of the examined changes.