High quality

We conduct our studies in a conscientious way, with great importance attached to their high quality. We hold regular trainings for our staff members. The centre works basing on its own procedures, used in our everyday practice and updated on an ongoing basis.

While planning clinical studies we devote particularly large amount of time to pre-screening, which translates into effective recruitment. Our system of including a patient in the clinical study and then maintaining their participation functions very well. We provide our patients with care during the study and after its finishing, which enables their long-term monitoring. Within each study, patients have specialist doctors assigned to them as attending physicians

Zespół badaczy


We hire specialist doctors with appropriate qualifications and many years of experience in clinical research.

We also cooperate with specialist outpatient clinics in hospitals, GPs and specialists from our region.

We specialize in the following fields:

  • allergology
  • angiology
  • rare diseases
  • dermatology and venereology
  • endocrinology and metabolic diseases
  • immunology
  • cardiology
  • dietetics
  • geriatrics
  • pulmonology
  • rheumatology


The centre is in possession of high quality professional equipment. We offer 3 doctor’s offices, a treatment and diagnostic room, administrative back office.

Apart from certified basic medical equipment, the centre is in possession of a:

  • spirometer,
  • refrigerated centrifuge,
  • laminar flow cabinet,
  • freezer -70°C,
  • ultrasound scanner,
  • echocardiography scanner,
  • video dermatoscope,
  • cryotherapy device.

We are also in possession of rooms intended for:

  • the storage of medicines in controlled temperature,
  • blood sampling and its laboratory processing,
  • intravenous infusions; this separate space is equipped with comfortable armchairs for patients.

In addition, we have:

  • storage space for documents from technical studies with limited access,
  • coordinators’ and monitoring posts,
  • a conference hall

Fields of our therapeutic activity

35% Dermatology
20% Pulmonology
30% Immunology Rheumatology
15% Endocrinology
80% Biopharmaceutical therapy
20% Other

We invite you to cooperation

R&D Department

Quality Department

Zdjecie MSc,  Katarzyna Gajda

Katarzyna Gajda

Specialist in Clinical Studies

For many years, she has been involved in the field of clinical studies where it is possible to notice intense development of the world of pharmacy and medicine. She takes part in the process of introducing medicines into the market.

She completed post-graduate studies in Management and Marketing in Healthcare at the College of Economics and Computer Science (WSEiI) in Cracow as well as the studies Clinical trials – methodology, organization and management at the Jagiellonian University. She constantly develops her knowledge by taking part in trainings and conferences, during which she shares her experience with other specialists in the field.

At the Dobry Lekarz New Therapies Centre, of which she is a co-founder, she is involved in planning and supervising the work of teams in clinical studies. She also coordinates the cooperation with pharmaceutical companies.

Zdjecie MSc,  Joanna Wolińska

Joanna Wolińska

Junior Clinical Research Quality Assistant

She holds a Master’s degree in Pharmacy, graduate of Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, coordinator of clinical research, coach.

After graduation, she worked as an intern in a private pharmacy in Cracow. Then, in 2003, she left for the United States, where in the years 2004-2014 she worked there first as Pharmacy Technician and then Pharmacy Manager.

She is connected with the Dobry Lekarz New Therapies Centre since 2017. She supervises correct course of clinical studies. She is experienced in the following areas of clinical research: pulmonology, allergology, dermatology, immunology, endocrinology.

She is constantly developing her knowledge, now studying the “Monitoring and coordination of clinical studies” at the University of Information Technology and Management (WSIiZ) in Rzeszów. In 2020 she won the Clinical Research Leaders competition in the category of Research Centre Coordinator.

Zdjecie MSc,  Elżbieta Szaro

Elżbieta Szaro

Clinical Research Coordinator

In 1988, she finished Aleksander Szczygieł’s Medical Vocational School in Cracow, faculty of Dietetics. At that time she began her work in Stefan Żeromski’s Specialist Hospital in Cracow at the Department of Internal Diseases on the position of Dietician. She continued her work in the University Hospital at the department of Pulmonology from 1993.

In 2004 she graduated from the Hugo Kołłątaj’s University of Agriculture in Cracow, faculty of Food Technology, major Food Technology and Human Nutrition.

She is interested in treatment methods in which she was involved at the Department of Pulmonology, participating in adjusting the appropriate nutrition profile corresponding to the illness and pharmacological treatment.

She got involved in the field of clinical studies in 2012. She constantly develops her knowledge by taking part in trainings and courses.

Zdjecie Doctor Małgorzata Dyczek

Małgorzata Dyczek

Clinical Research Quality Specialist
  • dermatologia z wenerologią
  • adults

Her activity in the field of clinical research began over 20 years ago, first as participant, then co-researcher and finally, head researcher.

At the Dobry Lekarz New Therapies Centre she is involved in the field of clinical research quality supervision. She attaches great importance to fulfilling GCP guidelines and the regulations in force, implementing uniform Standard Operating Procedures, their supervision and internal trainings. She also cares for the data and results achieved within the scope of conducted studies to be reliable and accurate and the rights and confidentiality of study participants appropriately protected.

Zdjecie MSc,  Karolina Kędziora

Karolina Kędziora

nurse / coordinator
Zdjecie MSc, Joanna Włodarczyk

Joanna Włodarczyk

Zdjecie Doctor Anna Chmielewska

Anna Chmielewska

alergolog, specjalista chorób wewnętrznych
  • allergology
  • internal medicine

In 1997, she graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Collegium Medicum at Jagiellonian University in Cracow.

She gained her professional experience and the title of specialist in internal medicine at Professor Andrzej Szczeklik’s 2nd Department of Internal Diseases, in the Allergy and Immunology Clinic. As she has always wanted to become an allergist, she continued her professional development at the Department of Allergology of Collegium Medicum at Jagiellonian University in Cracow under the supervision of Professor Krystyna Obtułowicz.

In her everyday practice she is involved in treating not only adults, but also children, which resulted in the title of her doctoral thesis “Allergic contact eczema in children and teenagers exacerbated by food additives”, currently in progress.

Her professional interests include in particular the allergy to pollen and its influence on the development of bronchial asthma. She promotes immunotherapy as causal treatment of allergy.

In her work as allergist she also remembers that she is a specialist in internal medicine and adopts a holistic approach towards each patient.

Privately she is a mom of four

Zdjecie Doctor Anna Korkosz

Anna Korkosz

dermatolog wenerolog, alergolog
  • alergologia
  • dermatologia z wenerologią
  • children

She graduated from the Medical Academy in Cracow. For many years, she has been working as attending physician of patients suffering from allergic conditions of the skin, atopic dermatitis, eczema, chronic urticaria or other chronic dermatoses, such as acne or psoriasis.

She also possesses extensive experience in the treatment, immunotherapy of allergic rhinitis, eye inflammation as well as in treating children and adult patients with bronchial asthma.

She conducts clinical research in the fields of dermatology and allergology.

Privately she is interested in gardening. She hikes, plays tennis and rides a road bike.

Zdjecie Doctor Izabella Anita Kierzkowska

Izabella Anita Kierzkowska

reumatolog, immunolog, specjalista chorób wewnętrznych
  • reumatologia
  • immunologia
  • choroby wewnętrzne
  • adults

She obtained the diploma of the Medical Academy in Warsaw in 1994. She has 20 years of experience in working at the internal diseases department. She gained it in hospitals in Cracow – the University Hospital and the Railway Hospital. For 6 years now, she has been involved in diagnostics and treatment of immunological disorders in adults.

Completed specializations:

  • 2005 – specialization in Internal Diseases;
  • 2011 – specialization in Immunology;
  • 2016 – specialization in Rheumatology.
Zdjecie MD, Wojciech Sydor

Wojciech Sydor

immunolog, angiolog, specjalista chorób wewnętrznych
  • immumolog
  • choroby wewnętrzne
  • angiolog

Absolwent Collegium Medicum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego w Krakowie oraz Biologii Molekularnej na Wydziale Biochemii, Biofizyki i Biotechnologii Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego. Od 1998 roku zawodowo związany z II Katedrą Chorób Wewnętrznych Collegium Medicum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego.

Jest starszym asystentem w Oddziale Klinicznym Alergii i Immunologii Szpitala Uniwersyteckiego w Krakowie, II Katedrze Chorób Wewnętrznych Collegium Medicum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego w oraz wykładowcą Szkoły Medycznej dla Obcokrajowców Collegium Medicum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego.

W swojej pracy zajmuje się pacjentami z chorobami immunologicznymi oraz alergicznymi, szczególnie zaś interesuje się problematyką układowych chorób tkanki łącznej, zapaleniami naczyń, diagnostyką trombofili i leczeniem zakrzepicy żył/zatorowości płucnej oraz poszukiwaniem przyczyn niepowodzeń położniczych.

Jest autorem i współautorem wielu publikacji, doniesień naukowych oraz wytycznych postępowania (m.in. z zakresu profilaktyki przeciwzakrzepowej, zespołu pozakrzepowego oraz wtórnych niedoborów odporności), w tym rozdziału w książce "Autoimmune Disorders - Current Concepts and Advances from Bedside to Mechanistic Insights", 2011.

Należy do Towarzystwa Internistów Polskich, Polskiego Towarzystwa Angiologicznego oraz International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis.

Zdjecie Doctor Maria Ignacak-Popiel

Maria Ignacak-Popiel

  • lekarz chorób wewnętrznych
  • alergolog

Absolwentka Wydziału Lekarskiego Collegium Medicum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego. Od 2012 roku związana była z II Katedrą Chorób Wewnętrznych Szpitala Uniwersyteckiego w Krakowie, gdzie w Oddziale Klinicznym Kliniki Alergii i Immunologii zrealizowała specjalizację z zakresu chorób wewnętrznych, a następnie alergologii. 

Od 10 lat prowadzi badania kliniczne, początkowo jako współbadacz, a następnie główny badacz. W latach 2012-2017 była wykładowcą w Szkole Medycznej dla Obcokrajowców Collegium Medicum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego. 

Jest autorką kilku publikacji naukowych oraz członkiem Polskiego Towarzystwa Alergologicznego. Aktywnie uczestniczy w zjazdach i konferencjach naukowych.

Zdjecie MD,  Marcin Rzeszutko

Marcin Rzeszutko

kardiolog, specjalista chorób wewnętrznych
  • kardiologia
  • choroby wewnętrzne
  • adults

He completed his specialization in internal medicine and his doctoral studies at Professor Andrzej Szczeklik’s 2nd Department of Internal Diseases in Cracow. He worked for many years at the Ward of Internal Diseases, and currently works at the Ward of Angiology and Cardiology of the 2nd Department of Internal Diseases at Collegium Medicum at Jagiellonian University. From the very beginning of his professional activity he has been gaining the experience as interventional cardiologist performing coronary angiography and angioplasty in coronary arteries. He completed his specialization in cardiology in 2013. For over 10 years he has also been involved in teaching future young doctors as Assistant at the Angiology Clinic of Collegium Medicum at Jagiellonian University.

His scientific interests refer to explaining the role of inflammatory processes in the development of atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction

Zdjecie MD,  Agata Adamkiewicz-Piejko

Agata Adamkiewicz-Piejko

geriatria, medycyna paliatywna, specjalista chorób wewnętrznych
  • geriatria
  • choroby wewnętrzne
  • medycyna paliatywna
  • adults

She completed her medical studies in 1994 at the Faculty of Medicine at Collegium Medicum of Jagiellonian University in Cracow. In 2006 she obtained the title of the Doctor of Medical Sciences for her dissertation entitled "Factors determining the variability of blood pressure” under the supervision of Professor Tomasz Grodzicki, MD, Ph.D.

She currently works at the Primary Healthcare Department of the University Hospital, at the Palliative Ward, in the PRO VITA ET SPE Non-Public Medical Centre and the Specjalmed Home Hospice in Cracow.

She is a member of the Polish Palliative Society (PTP), Polish Society of Palliative Medicine (PTMP) and Polish Society of Pain Treatment (PTLB).

Privately she is a mom of two and her hobbies are travelling, dance, music and sailing.

Completed specializations:

  • 1998 – First-Degree Specialization in Internal Diseases; 
  • 2006 - Second-Degree Specialization in Internal Diseases;
  • 2010 – specialization in Geriatrics;
  • 2014 – specialization in Palliative Medicine
Zdjecie MSc,  Magdalena Zapiór

Magdalena Zapiór

dietetyk kliniczny
  • dietetyka kliniczna
  • adults

She graduated from the faculty of Dietetics at the Medical Department of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. She currently studies management at the Cracow University of Economics. She is a member of Polish Association of Dieticians with the status of Medical Dietician.

She completed numerous internships in nutrition centres and specialist clinics of the University Hospital as well as kindergartens and nursing homes. After graduating from her studies, she worked as an intern at Centralna Dietetyka, a catering company with which she currently cooperates. She broadens her knowledge by taking part in various trainings and conferences. She teaches Human Nutrition and Preparing Menus at a post-secondary vocational school.

In her job she appreciates the contact with other people, is characterized by high sensitivity to other people’s problems. She devotes a lot of time to each patient, thus providing them with tailor-made diet plans

Zdjecie PhD,  Tomasz Pawlik

Tomasz Pawlik

  • radiologia
  • adults

Graduate of the Collegium Medicum of Jagiellonian University in 2004. In 2011 he obtained the title of specialist in the field of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging.

Zdjecie prof. dr hab. n. med. Stanisława Bazan-Socha

prof. dr hab. n. med.
Stanisława Bazan-Socha

alergolog, immunolog, internista
  • alergologia
  • immunologia
  • choroby wewnętrzne
  • dorośli

Studia medyczne ukończyła w 1996 r. na Wydziale Lekarskim Collegium Medicum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego w Krakowie. Następnie odbyła tam studia doktoranckie z dziedziny biologii molekularnej. W 2001 r. uzyskała tytuł doktora nauk medycznych, obroniony z wyróżnieniem za pracę pt. „Genetyczna ekspresja syntazy leukotrienu C4 w eozynofilach krwi obwodowej u chorych na astmę oskrzelową”. Za pracę naukową w tym okresie otrzymała m.in. Stypendium Fundacji na Rzecz Nauki Polskiej dla Młodych Naukowców, Nagrodę Prezesa Rady Ministrów za rozprawę doktorską oraz wyróżnienie w Konkursie Aurelii Baczko przyznane przez Towarzystwo Popierania i Krzewienia Nauk w Warszawie.

W latach 2001-2002 przebywała na stypendium naukowym w Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia PA, USA. Była tam laureatką I nagrody w 22. dorocznym konkursie im. Dr Erwin Margulies w dziedzinie badań dotyczących nadkrzepliwości, przyznawanej w Sol Sherry Thrombosis Research Center, Temple University w Filadelfii.

W 2017 r. uzyskała tytuł doktora habilitowanego nauk medycznych za rozprawę pt. „Rola wybranych receptorów integrynowych oraz ich selektywnych inhibitorów w modulacji reakcji zapalnej, ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem kolagenowych receptorów integrynowych w astmie”.

Od czasu ukończenia studiów związana była z II Katedrą Chorób Wewnętrznych Collegium Medicum UJ. Jest specjalistą z dziedziny chorób wewnętrznych, alergologii i immunologii klinicznej, a jej zainteresowania kliniczne i badawcze dotykają przede wszystkim tematyki schorzeń autoimmunologicznych i alergologicznych.

Zdjecie dr Łukasz Goliński

Łukasz Goliński

pulmonolog, internista
  • pulmonologia
  • choroby wewnętrzne

W 2005 r. ukończył studia na kierunku lekarskim Collegium Medicum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego. Należał do Studenckiego Towarzystwa Naukowego przy Klinice Chorób Serca i Naczyń Krakowskiego Szpitala Specjalistycznego im. Jana Pawła II. W Szpitalu Uniwersyteckim w Krakowie odbył staż, po którym to zdecydował się zostać pulmonologiem.

W 2006 r. rozpoczął pracę na Oddziale Pulmonologii w Szpitalu Powiatowym w Proszowicach. Gałęzią specjalizacji, którą się głównie zajmuje, i w której stara się ciągle rozwijać, jest endoskopia drzewa oskrzelowego. Wykonuje bronchoskopię, ultrasonografię wewnątrzoskrzelową z możliwością przeprowadzenia biopsji zmian znajdujących się w klatce piersiowej. W przeszłości zajmował się brachyterapią raka płuc w Zakładzie Radioterapii Szpitala Wojewódzkiego im. św. Łukasza w Tarnowie, a aktualnie wykorzystuje swoje doświadczenie w tej dziedzinie w Centrum Radioterapii Amethyst w Krakowie.

W wolnych chwilach jeździ na nartach, gra w tenisa, jeździ konno, na rowerze, wędkuje oraz czyta książki.

Uzyskane specjalizacje:

  • 2012 - specjalizacja w zakresie Chorób Wewnętrznych;
  • 2016 - specjalizacja w zakresie Chorób Płuc.