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About Us

History of the „DOBRY LEKARZ” Centrum Nowoczesnych Terapii
dr Andrzej Dyczek - założyciel Specjalistycznych Poradni Lekarskich 'Dobry Lekarz'

We are the Centre of Modern Therapies "Good Doctor", which was established on the basis of Specialist Medical Clinics, founded by Andrzej Dyczek, Ph.D., Ph. Dr. Dyczek was also a co-founder of the Specialist Medical Clinics "Atopia", where he started working in clinical trials in 1993.

Dr. Andrzej Dyczek is an allergologist, internist, immunologist, but most of all a great physician-humanist, for whom the patient and his goodness were in the first place. In spite of his constant efforts, he never skimped the time devoted to the patient. He often spoke: "Put everything aside, stop, listen, take your hand and sit by the sick person, because this is half of the medical success".

Nobody understood that listening attentively to the patient, showing empathy and cordiality is the key to effective therapy. Dr. Dyczek was interested in rare diseases and unconventional methods of treatment, which is why he often used alternative forms of therapy. For many years he has conducted patients in clinical trials, which often gave hope and improved the quality of life to those patients for whom there would seem to be no rescue.

We would like to continue and develop the work of Dr. Dyczek.

Our Activity


Continuous development of medicine forces doctors and medical staff to constantly learn and introduce new diagnostic and treatment methods. The team of doctors and the medical staff of our clinic, recruited from the best medical centres in Kraków, is trying to meet this challenge every day.


This is continuous training to help the sick as effectively as possible. We try to approach our patients' health problems with empathy and holistic approach.


Our goal is to provide in one place a wide range of medical care covering the patient from childhood to adulthood.


Our treatment methods are based on the current recommendations of the world's scientific bodies and the rules of good medical practice. In diagnostics we use the most modern methods from the world of science.